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Project Management  Spotlight - Manufacturing Electrical Connectors
Contributed by Bruce Nadeau, PMP, LSSGB

(reprinted with permission - originally published April 2018)

As a Project Management Professional employee for Burndy, a company that manufactures electrical connectors, I've been working with their customer service team for the past two years. My work includes process improvement planning, coordinating training of new personnel, developing and tracking sales leads generation, and leading Burndy’s Strategic Objective Action Project to update newly hired sales staff. I have also worked as a project manager in the medical manufacturing industry where I worked on design, development, manufacture, and implementation of new medical product launches.



Industry Spotlight - Benefits Outsouring
Contributed by Lea Stabler, PMP

(reprinted with permission - originally published Feb 2018)


This month, our Project Management spotlight is on Benefits Outsourcing. This is the practice of managing benefits data for a corporate client. The client’s objective is to offer good or better service to their employees as economically as possible. Projects require management of client relationships, software development for rules engines, data conversion activities, and developing operational guides and call center scripts. The work involves assuming and on-boarding historical and current benefits data along with the rules that govern that data. Waterfall methodologies are used for data, operations, and call center components as, typically, there are few changes. Software development and rules conversion teams have moved to Agile.


Industry Spotlight-Distribution Supply Chain
Contributed by Scott Casstevens, PMP, M.S.

(reprinted with permission - originally published Jan 2018)


This is the first in a series of articles that focus on Project Management in different industries. This month’s spotlight is on wholesale distribution supply chain in the grocery industry.   Scott Casstevens, Business Analysis Group Manager, provides us with a vignette of the Project Manager/Business Analysis role at Associated Grocers of New England. 

Because grocery distribution is a low profit margin industry, the roles of Business Analysis (BA) and Project Management (PM) are tightly integrated. The BA requires fluency in both disciplines and methodologies. BAs at Associated Grocers research solutions to problems and technology options for the senior team, then lead the implementation using Agile or Waterfall processes.  BAs architect the project in every detail, making implementation easier and risks easily identifiable. 

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