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Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

by Ken Quast, Director of Technology, PMP New Hampshire Chapter

(reprinted with permission)


Project teams may not always be in the same building, city or even country, but the requirement to work together as a team to complete projects remains unchanged. While some project deliverables can be completed by individuals and shared via email updates, there are many tasks which demand collaboration between team members.


Business Analysts as Project Managers

by Denise Patten, Senior Business Systems Analyst

(Reprinted with permission)


Polartec logoPolartec® manufactures Performance Textiles.  Polartec® started manufacturing synthetic fleece in the late 1980’s, a material that is durable, versatile, lightweight, warm, and fast drying.  It is used by clothing manufacturers in the construction of cold-weather clothing and gear.   Since then Polartec® has developed performance fabric for all outdoor sports (running, cycling, climbing, etc.) and varying weather conditions (rain, cold, heat, etc.)

Polartec® has many projects but no Project Managers.  In this high-tech manufacturing environment, there are many established systems.  Projects are related to enhancements that simplify user interfaces and electronic data interchange with business partners. These projects are managed by Business Analysts.


Project Management  Spotlight - Manufacturing Electrical Connectors
Contributed by Bruce Nadeau, PMP, LSSGB

(reprinted with permission - originally published April 2018)

As a Project Management Professional employee for Burndy, a company that manufactures electrical connectors, I've been working with their customer service team for the past two years. My work includes process improvement planning, coordinating training of new personnel, developing and tracking sales leads generation, and leading Burndy’s Strategic Objective Action Project to update newly hired sales staff. I have also worked as a project manager in the medical manufacturing industry where I worked on design, development, manufacture, and implementation of new medical product launches.


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