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Project Managment Spotlight in Government Defense

by Dimitri Nazarenko, PMP

(reprinted with permission)


DefenseContractingDimitri Nazarenko is a Senior Program Manager working for a Defense Contractor supporting the US Department of Defense.  The Q&A format provides an excellent view of Project Management in this industry. 



Managing Life’s Projects

by Bernadette Donnelly, PMP, M.S.

reprinted with permission

As project Managers, we tend to focus our skills in managing projects at work. Our Project Management knowledge and skills can be just as effective at home, with family, developing hobbies, and even for personal growth projects.


Why Project Managers Need Toastmasters

by Steve Lundquist, PMP, PMI-ACP, M.Sc.

(reprinted with permission)


"I personally have a pithy quote that says,  'Hard skills are easy, soft skills are hard.'"


While many people accept this as a true statement, I contend that it is not. Military schools unequivocally say that leadership isn't something you just have or are born with. It is a skill that can be developed and practiced. The best value proposition for practicing and developing these skills is Toastmasters.


Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

by Ken Quast, Director of Technology, PMP New Hampshire Chapter

(reprinted with permission)


Project teams may not always be in the same building, city or even country, but the requirement to work together as a team to complete projects remains unchanged. While some project deliverables can be completed by individuals and shared via email updates, there are many tasks which demand collaboration between team members.

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