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I like this article.  Marcel Schwantes offers three reality checks for leaders  on motivation, talent retention and attraction and trust.  he seems to hit three of the top key leadership issues.  Before he gets to the reality, he says… “You need to create a compelling vision that inspires the people “in your bus” to help you achieve it. That vision has to be stacked on top of a solid framework of personal and organizational values that are practiced in hallways and conference rooms, not just displayed as words on a wall.”

Source: Lead Change Group Reality Checks Leaders Must Give Themselves in 2016 (Part One)


Workshop Review: Running to Leadership

Speaker:  Anthony Reed, PMP, CPA

by Eliot Andler, PMP, CLSSGB

(reprinted with permission)


Running to Leadership


On Wednesday, October 24, 31 project managers attended the hands-on ‘Running to Leadership’ workshop, hosted by our chapter, at the Puritan Backroom.  Over his career, the speaker, Anthony Reed (PMP, CPA), has managed many high-profile projects to successful conclusion. He is also an accomplished marathoner, completing over 100 such events. He is in exclusive company, being one of less than 300 individuals, to complete marathons in all 7 continents. Mr. Reed approaches each of his running events as a project, especially in the areas of planning, executing, and risk mitigation. Throughout the workshop, he compared his marathon experiences to that of the projects he’s managed and to Project Management in general. As indicated in his title, Mr. Reed holds a CPA. This certification was achieved after becoming a Project Manager. In his role as a PM, he encountered frustrations with the ‘bean counters’, so he decided to earn the accounting certification in order to think in those terms when managing projects.


Project Management Spotlight in the Finance Industry

by Todd Pettibone, PMP

(reprinted with permission)

new years day

Project management in my area of Finance can be bucketed into three categories: technology, product development, and process or service design.

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