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The mission of our Mentoring Program is to pair seasoned project managers with members seeking a specific knowledge-base in order to to hone their project management skills.  The support is one-to-one for a pre-determined time period. The mentors volunteer their time and talent for the benefit of the chapter; thus, the program is available at no cost.

At this point, the Mentoring Program is available to mentees who are chapter members only, as a benefit of membership.  To join the PMI New Hampshire  Chapter, go to and join, add the New Hampshire Chapter at that site.


Engagements last for atleast  three (3) months, as this will allow each team time to reach effectiveness in helping each other.  An 'engagement team' is defined here as 'Mentor & Mentee'.

During the engagement period, participants are asked to provide a status of the engagement. At the close of the engagement, participants will complete a survey and inform the Program Core Team the termination or continuation of the engagement.

Participants will be matched based on their goals and strengths listed in the application. Each Engagement Team will work through expectations and goals together. The specific scope of mentorship should be, generally, limited to project and program management topics, best practices, and experiences sharing between the participants.


Once matched, each engagement team may decide their method of communication and frequency. Participants are asked to reach out to the Program Coordinator at these intervals.  For example:

  • End of 2 weeks - Mentor & Mentee to confirm the start of the Mentoring Engagement, frequency, and whether the pairing appears to work.
  • At week 6 - Mentor & Mentee to provide separate feedback on Engagement.
  • At week 10 - Mentor & Mentee to provide separate feedback to Core Team on Engagement.

In an effort to improve all aspects of the new Mentoring Program, at the end of week 12, participants are asked to complete a survey, providing lessons learned. Surveys may be completely anonymous, if desired.


PDUs Earned

Mentoring Program Participants  are eligible to earn PDUs per PMI’s guidelines and Code of Conduct.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the Program be available?  The PMI New Hampshire  Chapter began the promised Chapter Mentoring Program. Many more people volunteered to mentor. We’re looking for chapter members who need mentoring in Project and Program Management or Agile. If you need mentoring, please contact our Director of Mentoring.

  • How can I help? If you are interested in mentoring, please contact our Director of Mentoring.  We’d like for you to complete a form so that we can properly match you to mentees.

  • Do I have to be a PMI New Hampshire Chapter member?  Yes, to receive the Chapter benefit, you will need to be a chapter member to be mentored. However, if you want to mentor someone, you simply need adequate experience to share.

  • Does it cost me anything?   This is a benefit to our Chapter members. So, there is no monetary cost. However, if you do commit to a mentor/mentee pairing, we have some expectations for your time and participation. We will share the guidelines with those who participate as either a mentor or a mentee.

  • If I volunteer, can I get PDUs?  Yes, of course. Mentoring Program Committee members, mentors, and mentees will receive PDUs for participating in the activity.



Forms to Complee


If you are interested in this program as a mentor or mentee.  Complete the appropriate form and returned to the Director of Mentoring


Mentor Form:


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Mentee Form:


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