PMI New Hampshire Chapter

ReNew Networking

ReNew Networking

Connecting seasoned Chapter members with new and renewing members

In a nutshell, the goal of a project is to create a product or service.  How we do that is as varied as the organizations we serve.  

Project Managers are challenged to persuade a team of Stakeholders, who do not understand Project Management principles or processes, to perform the practical work of the project while juggling the constraints of schedule, budget, resources, quality, risk, procurements, and communicating with the team.  

We, as Project Managers, do this job because we know how to move mountains to create what has never been done by our company, or our department, or our group.  When we need waterfall methods, we figure it out.  When we need Agile, we figure it out.  When the project requires a combination, we figure which aspects can be best executed in waterfall methodology and which will work better in Agile.  We create scheduling and monitoring tools that work because non-success is not an option.  We translate Project Management processes to get the job done in the right order while keeping track of quality and risk.  Then, before the project is closed, we record Lessons Learned because no one wants to repeat mistakes while we endeavor to capitalize on what works in our many different environments.

Without the support and input from people who have walked in our shoes, we are doomed to fail. That is why the PMI New Hampshire Chapter hosted an event to bring new, renewing, and seasoned Project Managers together. 

The ReNew Networking events are hosted by the Membership team and attended by PMI New Hampshire Chapter Board Members. This allows seasoned chapter members to interact with and connect with new, thus, “seasoning” members and professional Project Managers who have not yet joined the chapter.

The format includes discussions, spurred by open-ended questions.  Here is a synopsis of the discussions at the Chapter’s first event, in September 2018:


    1. What type of Project Management are you involved with? Agile or Waterfall?

      Both Waterfall and Agile

    2. What field are you working in?

      Construction, IT, Training, Supporting Start-up Companies

    3. Is your current team well versed in PMBOK Project Management standard?

      Across the board, the answer was a resounding NO! PMs are looking for formal PM process.

    4. What area of Project Management would you like to be more successful?

      • Scheduling Tools
      • Teach co-workers Project Management concepts so everyone communicates from the same process
      • Optimal performance when duel-hatted operational and PM roles are expected
      • PMP exam support

    5. In what area do you feel most comfortable in providing support to other Project Managers?

      • Planning and Risk Management
      • Sharing on a personal level the struggles of PM (Mentoring)
      • Document & Convey PM Process
      • Career Leadership & Mentoring steps
      • Organizational Follow-through (being successful in less than ideal circumstances)


At future ReNew events, questions will dig into broader and deeper topics.

For more information on upcoming New/Renew Networking events, visit the PMI New Hampshire Chapter website or contact the VP of Membership.