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VP Membership
Gerry Corr, PMP
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Welcome New Members!

We extend a very warm welcome to these newest members of the NH chapter "family." We hope to see you at a chapter meeting very soon!

John Callamaro PMP ®
Michael Branca
Russell Bueton
Katlyn Chaisson
Joseph Comeau, PMP ®
Thomas Croteau
Connie Fortini, PMP ®
Jennifer Fritz
Steven Gallerani
Doreen, Gantt, PMP ®
James Harrington
Lindsay Harrington
Sean Hartnett, PMP ®
Lindsey Hunt
Amy Juneau
Michael Klyop
Thomas Loughman, PMP ®
Mary Beth McNicholas, PMP ®
Maureen Monaghan
Vasilios Nassiopoulos
Chhavi Priya
Yadollah Rezaee, PMP ®
John Root, PMP ®
Heidi Smith
Jennifer Young, PMP® PMI-ACP®
Anthony Baker PMP®
Michael Casale
Ryan Case
Steve Chartier
Rhiannon Grandmaison
Andy Harthcock PMP®
Christine House-Cafarella
Shannon LaMonica
James Laudani PMP®
Alexxandre Monastiero
Paul Moriarty
David Pacific
Paul St. Peter
William Taylor
Joshua Zani-Conklin


Recent Renewals:


Diane Alsing, PMP® PMI-ACP®
Hany Braidy, PMP®
Margaret Buckley,
Amy Burie,
Lynn Carothers, PMP®
Richard Christman,
Stephanie Creps, PMP®
Christopher Criscione, PMP®
Cynthia Currie, PMP® PMI-ACP®
Julie Doyle, PMP®
Chris Dube, PMP®
Gregg Garbee, PMP®
Gary Gauvin, PMP®
Anthony George, PMP®
David Giguere, PMP®
John Haberle, PMP®
Robert Hamernik, PMP®
John Hatch, PMP®
Raymond Hebert,
Melissa Hutchins, PMP®
Garrett Keane, PMP®
Meagan Koes, PMP®
Nathan LaVanway, PMP®
Edward Lazdowski, PMP®
Robert Lucier,
Kevin McNamara,
Douglas Melanson, PMP®
Kurt Mithoefer, PMP®
Janice Moore, PMP®
Janet Piazza, PMP®
James Poisson, PMP®
Lisa Portelli, PMP®
David Quinn, PMP®
Amy Russell, PMP®
Sheryl Simons, PMP®
Karen Steele, PMP®
Christopher Sullivan, PMP®
Rajeshwar Vayyavur, PMP®
Peter Vendituoli, PMP®
Mark Vermillion, PMP®
Thomas Villemure, PMP®
Kelly Wach,
Steve Wells, PMP®
Thomas Robert Barker PMP®
Steven Chartrain PMP®
Lloyd Curtis PMP®
Surran Dilks PMP®
Thomas Goucher PMP®
Steve Gregory PMP®
John Griffin PMP®
Cristina Haley PMP®
Phil Hammond
Preeti Juneja PMP®
Bruce Kaczmarek PMP®
Kyong Suk Kim-Radosavljevic PMP®
Brenda Knapp
Robert LeGault PMP®
Cathy-Lynn Locke
Spencer Lovette PMP®
Lena Luongo PMP®
Kimberly Michael PMP®
Scott Schnobrich PMP®
Trina Serrecchia PMP®
Kevin Shea PMP®
Lisa Sieverts PMP® PMI-ACP ®
Andrew Struckhoff PMP®
Christopher Whaley
Monica Yang


Congratulations New CAPMs/PMPs!!

We are especially pleased to recognize our members who have recently earned their PMP certification:

Tammy Baker PMP®
Gabriel Giacomo PMP®
Alexander Lutton PMP®
Kurt Mithoefer PMP®
Allison Bartak, PMP®
James Harrington, PMP®
Jennifer Fritz, PMP®
Sharique Siddique, PMP®
Brittany Valdez, CAPM®
Shannon Day, CAPM®

Congratulations New PMI-ACP Certificate Holders!!

We are especially pleased to recognize our members who have recently earned their PMI-ACP certification:

Roy Kosky PMI-ACP®
Jennifer Young PMI-ACP®
Linda Amico, PMI-ACP®
Jonathan Gibson, PMI-ACP®


Updated: 8/1/2017

Chapter Membership

Total Members 826
New Members Added 0
PMP® Members 579
CAPM® Members 13
PgMP® Members 3
PMI-SP® Members 1
PMI-RMP® Members 3
PMI-ACP® Members 27
PfMP® Members 0
PMI-PBA® Members 2
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