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Our chapter is governed by a group of elected and appointed volunteers, known affectionately as the "BoD" -- board of directors.

To be considered for a position, the candidate:

  • Must be a Member In Good Standing of PMI New Hampshire Chapter, with no outstanding financial commitments
  • Must not have any legal action underway, pending or contemplated with the PMI New Hampshire Chapter
  • Must clearly express potential conflicts of interest
  • Must have the ability to represent the Board & Chapter Membership in a consistently professional manner

Typical Duties

  • Assist other board members as necessary
  • Mentor a successor
  • Act as an ambassador of PMI New Hampshire Chapter
  • Protect the Chapter from legal and financial liability
  • Apply best practices and follow Volunteer Code of Conduct
  • Additional duties and responsibilities as necessary for the role are outlined in the position description

Leadership skills essential to all volunteer roles

  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Relationship building/networking skills
  • Strategic thinking - skilled in strategic planning process and execution


  • Estimate Volunteer Hours per Month: Varies between 10-30 

Why Volunteer?

     Because one person CAN make a difference!

Approved Positions:

0.1_Approved Position Descriptions 2019-04-03.pdf
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04/10/2019 20:00:00


PMI Education Foundation Liaison:

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02/21/2016 20:00:00


Military Liaison / Director of Community Engagement:  

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06/11/2017 20:00:00