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Peggy McGrath, PMPActivity Title: Using Agile Tools in Traditional (or Agile) Projects

Speaker:  Peggy McGrath, PMP 
Presented by: Mike Dwyer

Date of Completion:  January 20, 2010

Program Number: C238-20100120

PDUs Awarded: 1

Maria DeForgeActivity Title: Right-Sized Projects: Scaling The Project Management Approach to Match the Need

Speaker:  Maria DeForge

Date of Completion:  February 17, 2010

Program Number: C238-20100217

PDUs Awarded: 1

Scott S. LyndeActivity Title: Enhancing Project Execution by Analyzing and Improving Schedule Quality

Speaker:  Scott S. Lynde, PMP

Presentation (ZIP 2M) 

Date of Completion:  March 17, 2010

Program Number: C238-20100317

PDUs Awarded: 2

Dave F. Connors, PMPActivity Title: The Project Apologist: Can You Define and Defend the Value of Project Managers?

Speaker:  Dave Connors, PMP

Presentation (PDF 728K ) 

Date of Completion:  April 21, 2010

Program Number: C238-20100421

PDUs Awarded: 1.25

Star Dargin, Star Leadership LLCActivity Title: Managing and Adapting to Changes in Scope, Requirements, People and...Well, Everything!

Speaker:  Star Dargin, Star Leadership, LLC

Date of Completion:  May 19, 2010

Program Number: C238-20100519

PDUs Awarded: 1

Star Dargin, Star Leadership LLCActivity Title: Star Dargin's Coaching for Project Managers Workshop

Speaker:  Star Dargin, Star Leadership, LLC

Date of Completion:  Jun 11, 2010

Program Number: C238-20100611

PDUs Awarded: 3

Ray PeeplesActivity Title: Practical Application of the Project Framework - Panel

Speaker:  Ray Peeples

Date of Completion:  Jun 15, 2010

Program Number: C238-20100615

PDUs Awarded: 1

Salvatore Angelone, PMP Activity Title: President's Choice
World Cafe 
Exploring Ideas for PMI-NH Volunteerism Efforts

Speaker:  Salvatore Angelone, PMP

Date of Completion:  Jul 21, 2010

Program Number: C238-20100721

PDUs Awarded: 2

Mark Kozak-Holland Activity Title: Agile Leadership and Management of Change -- Project Lessons from Winston Churchill and Battle of Britain

Speaker:  Mark Kozak-Holland

Presentation (PDF 3111K ) 

Date of Completion:  Sep 22, 2010

Program Number: C238-20100922

PDUs Awarded: 1.25

Jacques Goupil, PMP, MCT, MCP, MCTS Activity Title: Project Visibility, Collaboration, and Synchronization with Project Server 2010

Speaker:  Jacques Goupil, PMP, MCT, MCP, MCTS

Date of Completion:  Oct 20, 2010

Program Number: C238-20101020

PDUs Awarded: 1.5

Curt Finch, Journyx Activity Title: Web 2.0: The Future of the Internet and How it Affects You as a Project Manager

Speaker:  Curt Finch, Journyx

Date of Completion: Dec 1, 2010

Program Number: C238-20101201

PDUs Awarded: 1.75