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You can use PMI's Online PDU Reporting to easily add PDUs awarded for attending chapter meetings to your transcript.  To do so, you will need:

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  • PMI NH activities are a Category 3 activity

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Giora MoreinActivity Title: Agile Project Management Overview: Introduction to Scrum

Speaker:  Giora Morein, co-founder of BigVisible Solutions

Presentation (PDF 3M) 

Date of Completion:  January 21, 2009

Program Number: C238-20090121

PDUs Awarded: 1

Peggy McGrath, PMPActivity Title: SCRUM Is Not a Bad Word: A Traditional Project Manager's Agile Case Study

Speaker:  Peggy McGrath, PMP

Presentation (PDF 1.5M) 

Date of Completion:  February 18, 2009

Program Number: C238-20090218

PDUs Awarded: 1.25

Mark Kozak-Holland, PMPActivity Title: Project Lessons from the Great Escape (Stalag Luft III)

Speaker:  Mark Kozak-Holland, PMP

Presentation (PDF 8M) 

Date of Completion:  March 18, 2009

Program Number: C238-20090318

PDUs Awarded: 1

Greg ChenevertActivity Title: Soft Skills: Beyond Agile

Speaker:  Greg Chenevert

Presentation (PDF 101K) 

Date of Completion:  April 15, 2009

Program Number: C238-20090415

PDUs Awarded: 1

Greg ChenevertActivity Title: Influence Without Authority

Speaker:  Seamus Gahan

Date of Completion:  May 20, 2009

Program Number: C238-20090520

PDUs Awarded: 1

Bob FischerActivity Title: Agile Case Study 2

Speaker:  Bob Fischer

Date of Completion:  Jun 17, 2009

Program Number: C238-20090617

PDUs Awarded: 1.5

Michael ThompsonActivity Title: Build Your Professional Profile – An Introduction to LinkedIn

Speaker:  Michael Thompson

Date of Completion:  Jun 15, 2009

Program Number: C238-20090715

PDUs Awarded: 1

Courtney Henry, PMPActivity Title: Tools & Techniques: 
What PMs Need To Get The Job Done

Speaker:  Courtney Henry, PMP

Presentation (PDF 369K) 

Date of Completion:  Sep 16, 2009

Program Number: C238-20090916

PDUs Awarded: 1.25

Dave Connors, PMPActivity Title: Recognition and Team Building

Speaker:  Dave Connors, PMP

Date of Completion:  October 21, 2009

Program Number: C238-20091021

PDUs Awarded: 1

Star DarginActivity Title: Personal Organization & Time Management for Project Managers

Speaker:  Star Dargin, Star Leadership, LLC

Date of Completion:  December 2, 2009

Program Number: C238-20091202

PDUs Awarded: 1