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Tom CarboneActivity Title: The Marriage between Product Development and Project Management: Product Development Success Factors and Implications for Project Managers.

Speaker:  Tom Carbone, Fairchild Semi-Conductor

Date of Completion:  January 18, 2006

Program Number: C238-18012006

PDUs Awarded: 1

How to Attain Project Success

Speaker:  Thomas J. Mattus, Successful Strategies International


Date of Completion:  February 15, 2006

Program Number: C238-15022006

PDUs Awarded: 1

Aligning Projects with Business Strategy

Speaker:  Tim Kress, PMP, Tim Kress and Associates

Date of Completion:  March 15, 2006

Program Number: C238-15032006

PDUs Awarded: 1.25

Nick PangaroThe StageGate Process for Program Management - Survival Guide for Project Managers through Two Case Studies

Speaker:  Nick Pangaro, PMP, NE Project Management Consultants, LLC


Date of Completion:  April 19, 2006

Program Number: C238-19042006

PDUs Awarded: 1

The Iron Project - An Ironman Story

Speaker:  Larry Gagnon, PMP

Date of Completion:  May 17, 2006

Program Number: C238-17052006

PDUs Awarded: 1

PMI-NH Granite State Challenge

Speaker:  Michael Gregowske, PMP

Date of Completion:  June 21, 2006

Program Number: C238-21062006

PDUs Awarded: 1

New President's Choice - Networking Meeting

Speaker:  Howie Lyhte, PMP

Date of Completion:  July 19, 2006

Program Number: C238-20060719

PDUs Awarded: 1.5

Titanic Lessons Learned for IT Projects

Speaker:  Mark Kozak Holland


Date of Completion:  September 20, 2006

Program Number: C238-20060920

PDUs Awarded: 1

The Value of Project Management Software Using OnDemand Software

Speaker:  Tim Newton

Date of Completion:  October 18, 2006

Program Number: C238-061018HI

PDUs Awarded: 1

Wyeth Biotech – IT Focused PM in a Biopharaceutical Mfg Envronmnt

Speaker:  Bruce Kozuma, PMP

Date of Completion:  December 6, 2006

Program Number: C238-20061206

PDUs Awarded: 1.25