PMI New Hampshire Chapter


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Activity Title:  Risk Management

Speaker:  Bruce C. Chadborne, PMP


Date of Completion:  Feb 18, 2004

Program Number: C238-021804

PDUs Awarded: 1.25

Presentation:  Risk Management

Activity Title:  Building Leadership Teams

Speaker:  Gregory S. Woo, PMP


Date of Completion:  March 17, 2004

Program Number: C238-031704

PDUs Awarded: 1.5

Presentation:  Volunteerism

Activity Title:  Range-Based Estimation

Speaker:  Jack Nevison, PMP

Date of Completion:  April 21, 2004

Program Number: C238-042104

PDUs Awarded: 1.25

Activity Title:   #1 Cause of Project Failures

Speakers:  Bob Hill and Tom Mattus, PCI Global

Date of Completion:  May 19, 2004

Program Number: C238-051904

PDUs Awarded: 1.0

Activity Title:   June Chapter Meeting

Date of Completion:  Jun 16, 2004

Program Number: C238-061604

PDUs Awarded: 1.0

Activity Title:   NHTI Special Event

Date of Completion:  Aug 18, 2004

Program Number: C238-081804

PDUs Awarded: 1.25

Activity Title: PMO 101... Getting Started

Speaker:  David F Connors  


Date of Completion:  Sep 15, 2004

Program Number: C238-091504

PDUs Awarded: 1.25

Activity Title:  Moneyproject:  Baseball, Metrics, and Project Management

Speaker: Steve Devaux

Date of Completion:  Oct 20, 2004

Program Number: C238-102004

PDUs Awarded: 1.0

Activity Title:  Managing Multiple Projects without Project Server

Speaker: Bob Widomski

Date of Completion:  Dec 1, 2004

Program Number: C238-120104

PDUs Awarded: 1.0