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  • Failure is Not an Option – Military Project Management


    Failure is Not an Option – Military Project Management

    by Sandra Hebert, PMP, VP of Membership and Retired Chief Master Sergeant

    (reprinted with permission)

    The terms military mission and project management are synonymous but are rarely perceived that way.  In the military, we are assigned tasks with clearly defined outcomes, timelines, and constraints.  

  • Industry Spotlight - Benefits Outsourcing


    Industry Spotlight - Benefits Outsouring
    Contributed by Lea Stabler, PMP

    (reprinted with permission - originally published Feb 2018)


    This month, our Project Management spotlight is on Benefits Outsourcing. This is the practice of managing benefits data for a corporate client. The client’s objective is to offer good or better service to their employees as economically as possible. Projects require management of client relationships, software development for rules engines, data conversion activities, and developing operational guides and call center scripts. The work involves assuming and on-boarding historical and current benefits data along with the rules that govern that data. Waterfall methodologies are used for data, operations, and call center components as, typically, there are few changes. Software development and rules conversion teams have moved to Agile.

  • Industry Spotlight - Distribution Supply Chain


    Industry Spotlight-Distribution Supply Chain
    Contributed by Scott Casstevens, PMP, M.S.

    (reprinted with permission - originally published Jan 2018)


    This is the first in a series of articles that focus on Project Management in different industries. This month’s spotlight is on wholesale distribution supply chain in the grocery industry.   Scott Casstevens, Business Analysis Group Manager, provides us with a vignette of the Project Manager/Business Analysis role at Associated Grocers of New England. 

    Because grocery distribution is a low profit margin industry, the roles of Business Analysis (BA) and Project Management (PM) are tightly integrated. The BA requires fluency in both disciplines and methodologies. BAs at Associated Grocers research solutions to problems and technology options for the senior team, then lead the implementation using Agile or Waterfall processes.  BAs architect the project in every detail, making implementation easier and risks easily identifiable. 

  • Project Manage Your Life



    Managing Life’s Projects

    by Bernadette Donnelly, PMP, M.S.

    reprinted with permission

    As project Managers, we tend to focus our skills in managing projects at work. Our Project Management knowledge and skills can be just as effective at home, with family, developing hobbies, and even for personal growth projects.

  • Project Management Spotlight - Business Analysts as Project Managers


    Business Analysts as Project Managers

    by Denise Patten, Senior Business Systems Analyst

    (Reprinted with permission)


    Polartec logoPolartec® manufactures Performance Textiles.  Polartec® started manufacturing synthetic fleece in the late 1980’s, a material that is durable, versatile, lightweight, warm, and fast drying.  It is used by clothing manufacturers in the construction of cold-weather clothing and gear.   Since then Polartec® has developed performance fabric for all outdoor sports (running, cycling, climbing, etc.) and varying weather conditions (rain, cold, heat, etc.)

    Polartec® has many projects but no Project Managers.  In this high-tech manufacturing environment, there are many established systems.  Projects are related to enhancements that simplify user interfaces and electronic data interchange with business partners. These projects are managed by Business Analysts.

  • Project Management Spotlight - Manufacturing Electrical Connectors


    Project Management  Spotlight - Manufacturing Electrical Connectors
    Contributed by Bruce Nadeau, PMP, LSSGB

    (reprinted with permission - originally published April 2018)

    As a Project Management Professional employee for Burndy, a company that manufactures electrical connectors, I've been working with their customer service team for the past two years. My work includes process improvement planning, coordinating training of new personnel, developing and tracking sales leads generation, and leading Burndy’s Strategic Objective Action Project to update newly hired sales staff. I have also worked as a project manager in the medical manufacturing industry where I worked on design, development, manufacture, and implementation of new medical product launches.


  • Project Management Spotlight - So You Want to Be a Consultant!


    So You Want to be a Consultant!

    by Lisa Sieverts, PMP, PMI-ACP

    (Reprinted with permission)

    Lisa Sieverts, PMP, PMI-ACP, and owner of Facilitated Change explains the work, challenges, lessons learned and the path she took to become a Project Management Consultant.

  • Project Management Spotlight in Business Process Outsourcing


    Project Managment Spotlight in Business Process Outsourcing

    by Marcia Caringal, PMP

    (reprinted with permission)


    business process


    In Business Process Outsourcing, there are many niche businesses.  I am a Client Project Manager supporting customer service contact centers and further specializing in financial services.

  • Project Management Spotlight in Government Defense


    Project Managment Spotlight in Government Defense

    by Dimitri Nazarenko, PMP

    (reprinted with permission)


    DefenseContractingDimitri Nazarenko is a Senior Program Manager working for a Defense Contractor supporting the US Department of Defense.  The Q&A format provides an excellent view of Project Management in this industry. 

  • Project Management Spotlight in the Finance Industry


    Project Management Spotlight in the Finance Industry

    by Todd Pettibone, PMP

    (reprinted with permission)

    new years day

    Project management in my area of Finance can be bucketed into three categories: technology, product development, and process or service design.

  • Project Management Spotlight: Observations about


    Project Managment Spotlight:  Observations about

    by Lora Bates

    (reprinted with permission)

  is an online education company that offers video courses taught by industry leaders. Along with courses on a variety of topics, their platform offers many courses directly related to Program and Project Management.

  • Tools Spotlight - Collaboration Tools for Project Managers


    Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

    by Ken Quast, Director of Technology, PMP New Hampshire Chapter

    (reprinted with permission)


    Project teams may not always be in the same building, city or even country, but the requirement to work together as a team to complete projects remains unchanged. While some project deliverables can be completed by individuals and shared via email updates, there are many tasks which demand collaboration between team members.

  • Tools Spotlight - Why Project Managers Need Toastmasters


    Why Project Managers Need Toastmasters

    by Steve Lundquist, PMP, PMI-ACP, M.Sc.

    (reprinted with permission)


    "I personally have a pithy quote that says,  'Hard skills are easy, soft skills are hard.'"


    While many people accept this as a true statement, I contend that it is not. Military schools unequivocally say that leadership isn't something you just have or are born with. It is a skill that can be developed and practiced. The best value proposition for practicing and developing these skills is Toastmasters.

  • Workshop Review: Running to Leadership


    Workshop Review: Running to Leadership

    Speaker:  Anthony Reed, PMP, CPA

    by Eliot Andler, PMP, CLSSGB

    (reprinted with permission)


    Running to Leadership


    On Wednesday, October 24, 31 project managers attended the hands-on ‘Running to Leadership’ workshop, hosted by our chapter, at the Puritan Backroom.  Over his career, the speaker, Anthony Reed (PMP, CPA), has managed many high-profile projects to successful conclusion. He is also an accomplished marathoner, completing over 100 such events. He is in exclusive company, being one of less than 300 individuals, to complete marathons in all 7 continents. Mr. Reed approaches each of his running events as a project, especially in the areas of planning, executing, and risk mitigation. Throughout the workshop, he compared his marathon experiences to that of the projects he’s managed and to Project Management in general. As indicated in his title, Mr. Reed holds a CPA. This certification was achieved after becoming a Project Manager. In his role as a PM, he encountered frustrations with the ‘bean counters’, so he decided to earn the accounting certification in order to think in those terms when managing projects.