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LindaSweeneyLinda Sweeney, PMP LSSGB

PMI New Hampshire Chapter President

Jan-Mar 2017

Happy New Year!  And what an exciting time it is proving to be, ensuring our commitment to serve and promote the goals and objectives we set at the beginning of the fiscal year, in line with the mission of the chapter and PMI.   We welcome our new President-Elect, and Past-President Bob Blaney, PMP, working as one with the whole Board on a common strategy toward the benefit of the chapter.  He is also well engaged in leading the upcoming Elections effort and the 2016 Awards program.  

Unified and Action Oriented

With much appreciation, we also welcome several new Board members to the Team.  David Hosang,  PMP, Director of Networking, is continuing great work of providing the netPM offering with speakers and recruiter sessions, and sharing his personal knowledge and experience aimed at assisting job seekers among our membership.  Sandra Hebert brings an eager and seasoned element to the position of Director of Communications.  Currently active duty in the US Air National Guard pursuing her MS in Project Management, she will also help with our solution toward the PMI Military Initiative, assisting our new Director of Community Engagement, Irene Hall, PMP, to mentor service men and women seeking the project management profession as their next career in the private sector.  Irene comes to us with first-hand experience in establishing this program, as well as building relationships with other nonprofits in the granite state.  She is working to bring mutually rewarding volunteer opportunities to our project managers.  We also welcome, Bernadette Donnelly, PMP, as Director-at-Large, seeking to assist the board and fill gaps on these very important initiatives.  Finally, please watch for announcements on New Member Orientations as we work to better know and understand your individual career needs and align our benefits to serve you as part of our active Community of professionals.  Your career journey is our focus!

We will continue to extend the Roundtables to other locations throughout the state, as a complement to our existing study groups toward the professional certifications supported by PMI.

If you are interested in learning more or assisting in any of these areas, please  contact me.

We look forward to serving you throughout your project management career journey! 



Linda Sweeney, PMP LSSGB
PMI New Hampshire Chapter


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.