PMI New Hampshire Chapter

Letter from the President


Letter from the President


Dear Colleagues,

I first and foremost hope you and your family and friends remain safe, while successfully navigating these trying times at both a personal and professional level. As you know, I take over this role in an unprecedented period of concern and uncertainly.

Project Management is not just a job but is an extended community of like-minded friends that share ideas and keep connected through their experiences. The current pandemic has made this challenging, but we are fortunate to live in a time that the technology is available that allows us to keep connected remotely. Communicating remotely not only keeps our members safe but keeps others outside of the organization safe as well.

The goal of the chapter volunteers this year it to keep the community connected via any means deemed safe by the state of New Hampshire and the national PMI organization. We will continue to host remote meetings and events as needed, but will also prepare for traditional in-person events as we keep a close eye on the COVID situation. In addition, we will be engaging other chapters in the region to share ideas and look into new and better ways to provide member services during these times.

However, the current volunteer team cannot do it alone. We are going into this year with multiple vacant board positions and key volunteer roles unfilled. This chapter solely survives off the work of volunteers. We need your help in order to provide the support and services chapter members deserve.

Volunteering for the chapter should not be thought of as just a job to do, but as an opportunity to gain skills and knowledge pertaining to key project management areas that can be used to enhance your professional career.

What better way to gain real world experience and give back to your chapter while earning PDUs.

We all have to do our part to maintain a successful chapter.

On behalf of the chapter leadership I wish you all a very safe and happy chapter new year.

Mark Lucas

President 2020-2021

PMI New Hampshire Chapter